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Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic.

Here at Spinal Physiotherapy, I pride myself on both the professional and personal relationship I have with clients. From the moment you make your first contact until you are pain free and no longer require any further treatment, I am confident you will be extremely happy.

Please read some of the testimonials which have already been left by extremely satisfied clients.

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  • Preston
    July 2015

    After the disappointment of 4 years of pain with a slipped disk and after numerous appointments, prescriptions and hospital physio sessions, I was referred to Paul Boxcer through a car accident.
    Paul has made me truly believe that you can help yourself if you listen to your body. He has taught me how to adapt my life around my complaint, and I can have a good quality of life if I make a few changes, one of them being disciplined to exercise regularly to strengthen your core. I have joined the gym and go regularly 3 times a week.
    Thanks to Paul I haven't needed to take any of my pain killers for some time now. I am so pleased, as I considered the cortisone epidural injection and even the discectomy operation which I didn't need to go through!

    Faye Denton
  • Preston
    July 2015

    I would like to say a massive thank you to Paul who treated me for my neck pain when i had a car accident in September. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone that has problems and feels that physio would help. Paul is very friendly and approachable and will help you the best he can. I now have no pain in my neck thank you once again Paul.

    Janet Jenkinson
  • Preston
    February 2015

    I first met Paul and was a little unsure of how my treatment was going to proceed, but after talking to Paul about my back issues I was put at ease.
    He gave me some starter exercises and after my first session within 48 hours there was a big difference how my back felt.
    I purchased a copy of Paul’s book to read and I gained more of an understanding about the lower back and my condition than I had from the medical consultants.
    After further sessions with Paul I now have an exercise routine which has helped me greatly to strengthen my back and make me feel better about myself.
    I owe Paul a great deal. Thank You for your help and understanding.

    J Clarke
  • Preston
    February 2015

    Dear Paul,
    After years of listening to people whinge about sciatica and telling them to 'man up' I finally succumbed to the wretched infliction myself, just before Christmas last year.
    Practically overnight I was transformed from a flexible 30 something to hunched and stumbling wreck.
    I immediately booked an appointment with yourself at Spinal Physiotherapy.
    Your approach is fantastic, you carefully listened to my complaining and found the root of the problem almost straight away, your instructions and advice were easy to follow and you genuinely care about your clients which I found really refreshing.
    I am now back to 100% fitness and I can't thank you enough for your help.
    I have recommended several friends to you and they have all been so impressed with your approach.
    Thank you so much!
    Katrina Bell Erasing Ink

    Kat Bell
  • Leyland
    February 2015

    Thank you for the recent work place assessment that you conducted at the Lucky 6 Marketing office in Leyland. Already both Terri and I are feeling the benefits of your expert advice on positioning and set-up of our office equipment.
    Throughout the assessment you were most humble about your advice being common sense but I must reassure you that to us it was a great insight. Working on PCs all day often leads to bad habits and poor posture both of which were highlighted to us by your practical advice.
    We are very keen to develop a healthy work place and look after our staff as they are our most important assets. You have helped us take a most significant step towards achieving this goal.
    I highly recommend your professional work place assessment to other businesses as an essential service to designing a good office environment and looking after the health of staff.
    Thank you from both Terri and I and future Lucky 6 Marketing employees.
    Lee Giacopazzi Managing Director Lucky 6 Marketing Limited

    Lee Giacopazzi
  • Mawdesley
    February 2015

    I have suffered from low back pain and sciatica for some time, which flared again in July 2011. I had a course of Physiotherapy, which helped but only to about an 80% level, which I just learned to live with. In the December of 2011 the pain flared up again though, this time I thought I would see a Chiropractor to see if they could help more. Once again this helped, but only to about the 80% level, and I continued to live with this.
    In April 2012 I was playing bowls and my low back pain and sciatica flared yet again. I made an appointment with my GP, who sent me for an X-ray which diagnosed "wear and tear". My concern now was that it was something I was definitely going to have to live with and with it seeming to get progressively worse, I thought I would also have to give up my bowls.
    I then discovered Paul at Spinal Physiotherapy, and with him specialising in low back pain and sciatica I thought I would make an appointment to see if he could help. Paul's technique identified the major problem with my back and then taught me how to exercise to not only ease the pain, but also get to the cause of the problem. Since undertaking treatment with Paul, my pain steadily improved, even past the 80% level which was previously a barrier I could not get past.
    I am now at the stage where I am 100% better and have had no pain at all for the last 3 weeks. I have also recently returned to playing bowls (something I did not think I would be able to do). Equally important though is that I feel so much more in control of the situation. Prior to 3 weeks ago I was still feeling much better, but I did have an episode where I overdid it a bit and tweaked my back. Fortunately, using the knowledge provided by Paul and his book I knew exactly what to do, and the pain stabilised much quicker and my daily life was not disrupted as much. Prior to learning about my back with Paul, I would not have known what to do and would probably have suffered in pain for a good few weeks.
    I would recommend a visit to Paul if you suffer from back pain or sciatica, even if you have tried other physios/chiropractors in the past. My back has improved completely since he has treated it, and I now have the confidence to do things that I would never have attempted before.
    Many thanks Paul."

    Idris Owen
  • Preston
    February 2015

    Paul was recommended to me by a number of people after suffering a pretty debilitating injury to my lower back. I hobbled, with a walking stick, to my initial consultation never imagining that, within 24 hours I would be able to ditch the stick.
    Paul spent considerable time during that first session getting to the root of the problem, explaining why I was in pain when I stood or sat a certain way. We went through some exercises with Paul constantly checking with how my poor beleaguered back was coping so that he could custom tailor his exercise plan for me. Four weeks on, and I can move freely again.
    Never again will I underestimate the power of a first class physiotherapist!

    Ellie Collins
  • Mawdesley
    February 2015

    I was recommended by a friend to go to Paul when I was struggling to walk with sciatica. I could barely walk at all the pain was very intense and of course affected my whole life. The strong painkillers were not working and making me feel ill.
    Paul recommended correct sitting, standing and sleeping positions. He also did a thorough assessment each time I visited tailoring the exercises each visit depending on my progress.
    The sessions were very relaxed and not rushed, Paul was also on the end of a phone and helped me in between my visits to him. After a time I was able to do the exercises and Paul had educated me what I needed to do, he was very fair and honest, by this time I was off the painkillers and walking without pain, something I never thought I would be able to do again. I had my life back, it was amazing but I also knew I only had lift the phone and Paul would help me, I carried on with the exercises as i knew what to do and my walking improved back to normal.
    I would strongly recommend Paul if you have back pain, he has given me back my life, I have just returned from a short break in Lisbon a city built on hills, I could not have even thought of going six months ago let alone walking up the cobbled streets.
    Thank you Paul."

    Vicki Charles
  • Mawdesley
    February 2015

    Hi Paul
    Having been a long term sufferer of sciatica and more or less being told I had to learn to live with it I was intrigued to come across Paul's approach of teaching you how to help your body heal itself.
    The exercises he has given me have been extremely beneficial and his book is very clear and easy to follow.
    I now feel much more in control and have the confidence to help myself should the problem reoccur. I've got my life back and can carry on gardening, walking and seeing as much of the world as possible. My horizons have suddenly expanded again and I can't wait to go!
    Many thanks.
    Kind regards

    Pauline C
  • Preston
    February 2015

    I was recommended to Paul by my employer as my sciatica was very painful and showed no signs of abating. After just a couple of his sessions and exercises he gave me to do in-between, I was very quickly on the road to a speedy recovery. In 5 weeks I was off painkillers and back to normal. He’s a nice chap too.
    Thanks again Paul.

    Glyn B
  • Preston
    February 2015

    I have been troubled by a weakness in my lower back since being a teenager. It seems to be very easy to injure my back, and the resulting pain renders me at times unable to stand or walk, with recovery taking weeks.
    I have tried both osteopathy and chiropractic which both provided short term relief when the problem was acute. I contacted Paul in March 2013, on the recommendation of a friend. He taught me that when I injure my back there are certain things I can do to aid my recovery, and showed me a sequence of exercises I could routinely do to strengthen my back and reduce the risk of future injury.
    I have found his advice invaluable. My back is much improved and I feel much less vulnerable to re-occurrences of the problem. I found Paul enthusiastic, most thorough and very knowledgeable, and I can highly recommend his services.

    Keith Hughes
  • Croston
    February 2015

    Dear Paul
    I felt I must thank you for being the person who has finally helped rid me of daily chronic back pain.
    Whilst beneficial in the short term, my previous experiences of treatment were in effect quick fixes. Your approach and the techniques you have taught me are for long term relief and improvement. Your knowledge has helped me realise not only what causes my back pain, but also what changes i can make personally to manage it effectively with positive results.
    Thank you for all your help and support.
    Best Regards

    Martin Pye
  • Standish
    February 2015

    Dear Paul
    The best move I made when I was struck down with sciatica was to attend Paul’s consulting rooms.
    Paul gave me a though examination and proceeded to demonstrate what exercises he recommended for my problem. He then supervised me to ensure that I could do the exercises myself.
    Paul also kept in touch by phone between appointments until I was 100% better, to ensure I was happy with progress and could perform the exercises correctly. His book also gives clear and easy to follow explanations for all exercises for lower back & sciatic treatments needed
    S. Lord

    Syd Lord
  • Mawdesley
    February 2015

    If you need relief from your lower back problems, look no further than Paul Boxcer. After many years of pain and discomfort I have at last found a remedy by following his easy to do exercise programme.
    Thank you, Paul.

    Peter Stafford
  • Preston
    February 2015

    Dear Paul.
    As a regular back pain sufferer and osteopath visitor I was keen to understand what made your approach to back pain different to those who also claim to magically mend backs. Having been unimpressed by physiotherapists I had seen in the past, it was with some scepticism that I arranged our session.
    Your approach was completely different to that adopted by anyone I’ve seen before, seeking the underlying cause of the problem rather than subjecting me to the usual human origami routine that I was used to.
    After much discussion and stretching, a diagnosis was reached and I have been following your recommended stretching exercises since, with a full understanding of why I was doing them and exactly what they are meant to achieve.
    I am a little disappointed that the various ‘experts’ I have used for the last fifteen years have all been happy to take my money but never really identified the issue. I now not only understand what causes the pain but exactly what I have to do to stop it returning.
    I can’t speak highly enough of your knowledge and professionalism and I will certainly be recommending Spinal Physiotherapy to my family, friends and customers in future.
    Thank you once again.

    Chris Astley
  • Mawdesley
    February 2015

    Dear Paul,
    Thank you for your help with my stiff & sore lower back.
    I was impressed with the care and attention you gave me when I visited your clinic last week. You listened carefully to me and asked about recent and distant past injuries and incidents. This made me feel heard as well as giving me confidence that you would get the treatment right.
    Your specialism in low back & sciatica was highly evident in the depth of knowledge you displayed. But what was really helpful was the time you spent demonstrating the exercises and making sure I was doing them correctly.
    It was very thorough and useful session which I will happily recommend to others.
    Thanks again!.

    Anne Marie Ingram
  • Preston
    February 2015

    I found Paul to be very professional and knowledgeable in his field. He made me feel comfortable and addressed my back problem with confidence. I am now looking forward to a pain free future with the work Paul has done with me.
    Many thanks

    A Willis
  • Croston
    February 2015

    Dear Paul,
    I thought it would be remiss of me if I did not let you know my appreciation for your help and assistance over the last few months.
    I found your sympathetic approach allied with your clear knowledge of dealing with Sciatica a great help.
    I think that the most important aspect was your patience and listening skills that genuinely made me believe in the treatment you were advocating especially as with vertigo there were other issues involved.
    I am pleased to say that I am much improved and I will retain your book for reference purposes in the future.
    Needless to say I will be happy to recommend you to anyone suffering from lower back pain and will report back to Dr Ahmad at the Croston Village Surgery when I go for my next appointment.
    Many Thanks again

    Sheila Booth
  • Croston
    February 2015

    I'd like to thank Paul for helping me deal with the low back pain I had been experiencing for over a year. The advice from Paul and the exercises were an enormous help. I didn't need to see Paul every week, but he was always available to talk things through with over the phone if I was experiencing any problems.

    I would definitely recommend him to anyone with similar problems.

    Lynn P
  • Welwyn
    January 2015

    A quick note from me (Paul): The following client I saw on home visits when travelling 'Down South' to visit friends and family. Liz contacted me after purchasing my book and requested an appointment. Obviously not living in the area was going to make it difficult, but it was just fortunate that it was not too far out of my way on my travels south. A wonderful client to work with, as she did everything I asked of her and these are just a few extracts from the email's she would send to keep me updated...

    1 day after initial consultation:
    Hi Paul, I just wanted to put down in words my gratitude for your help and enabling me to feel so much more empowered and positive that there is going to be light at the end of what has been a very dark 6 month tunnel. I do understand that it is going to be a slow process but equally, thanks to you, the fact that I have control over how bright that light gets to shine, really does help me enormously. It is so good to know that I can actually be doing something constructive on a daily basis myself as opposed to "living in a state of limbo" between "manipulation" appointments, courtesy of other so called professionals, which clearly were not achieving anything!
    Paul, huge thanks once again,

    17 days after initial consultation:
    Hi Paul, just a quick update. I have great news as I have actually enjoyed just over 2 weeks of solid uninterrupted sleep, which has not only been a miracle but I am sure is helping enormously with my recovery!
    Thanks as always,

    48 days after initial consultation:
    Paul, THANK YOU so much for everything and for helping me to get my life back!

    Had I taken the advice of my Neuro Consultant and not embarked on any further physio/exercise, I would have been a name in the latter's theatre diary round about now! Fortunately I did not and I am now 100% pain free thanks to your help, advice and exercise programme.

    It’s a worrying thought, as clearly I am only one person among tens of thousands with similar back issues – some of whom I am sure will end up under the surgeon’s knife!

    With very warm regards and a great deal of appreciation,

    Liz K
  • Preston
    October 2014

    In April of 2014 I had the occasion to speak to Paul on recommendation from a friend.
    Whilst completing the simple task of jet washing the flags at home I felt like I had been shot in the back, the pain was that bad.

    For three days I was in excruciating pain. Hardly able to move I picked up the phone to Paul, following his simple instructions I had gained some movement within 24 hrs. Paul rang me the following day (a Sunday!) giving further instructions and to check on my wellbeing.

    I then arranged to visit Paul at his clinic and there is no doubt that he went above and beyond the call of duty and I would highly recommend Paul and his method of treatment (detailed in his book "Low Back Pain & Sciatica - A Personalised Treatment Approach".
    Not only is my back better, it is much better and stronger than it has ever been.

    Thank you Paul,

    Mark McMullan

    Mark McMullan