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I am a huge believer in the importance of taking control and resolving the pain yourself. If you have not seen it already, my Mission Statement is:

“To provide knowledge, understanding and confidence to help people take control and resolve the pain they are suffering”

I believe so strongly that people are more than capable of taking control and resolving their own pain that it led to me writing my book “Low Back Pain & Sciatica – A Personalised Treatment Approach”.

It is a book which I am immensely proud of and I left no stone unturned when writing it. From the research I conducted when writing my book, I found that far too many books on back pain were just a list of exercises which may well help your pain, but may also aggravate it as well. They also included a lot of medical jargon.

I have had many extremely satisfied customers, from over 19 different countries around the world

I decided that for my book to truly be a step above the rest, I needed to give the reader the knowledge and know how to take control and resolve the pain themselves. Therefore I made it medical jargon free and wrote it in a way where you will be taken by the hand and shown how to self-diagnose your pain, remedy any acute pain being felt, self-prescribe yourself an exercise programme (based upon the functional diagnosis you gave yourself) and then progress to being pain free.

If you think it cannot be done, you really need to think again. I have had many extremely satisfied customers, from over 19 different countries around the world, who have purchased my book and cured themselves of the pain they were suffering.

Some of these happy clients had also suffered for many years as well and you can read the testimonials here.

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Your own personal Physio showing you how to cure your pain.

My book has been said to be “like having hands on physio in your own home” and that is because my book takes you by the hand and leads you through a process of education, self-diagnosis and self-prescription of the appropriate exercise programme unique to you and your pain. By following this approach, you really can cure yourself of the pain you are suffering.

Many thanks again for your time and good luck in your quest to free yourself of the pain you are currently suffering.

One month Money Back Guarantee

Why not put my Personalised Treatment Approach into practice for a full month with the security that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can contact me and I will have no hesitation in providing you with a full refund. I provide this refund with the confidence that you will not need it, but hopefully it re-assure you that I have no doubt it will help.

Take care & good luck,

“Nearly everyone suffering with Low Back Pain & Sciatica are capable of treating and resolving the pain themselves. My book ‘Low Back Pain & Sciatica - A Personalised Treatment Approach’ will show you how to achieve this”
- Paul Boxcer