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Just seen this article re low back pain and taller people: Taller people and low back pain.

My thoughts are it's all about posture and maintaining a neutral spine as much as possible. The environment we interact with is created with the 'average' person in mind (whatever that is!) and therefore if you are particularly tall this may result in you deviating away from this neutral posture more regularly e.g. stooping more often or having a more flexed posture when at a desk/computer. I believe it is more this that is the issue as opposed to any specific structural issues. 

As much as is practical, adapt your surrounding environment to your height. This applies more to the likes of the office environment and maybe at home when in front of the TV or computer, as I appreciate there is little that can be done for door frames or car roofs (although it is not a bad idea to consider your height when purchasing a car). Also think about tightening your core and using your hips and knees a bit more when bending and lifting.


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