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Before you decide whether or not to book an appointment at Spinal Physiotherapy, there may be a few questions you wish to ask. I have tried to cover as many of these here on this page, and you will find those questions below.

After reading this page, if you have any further questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me, by using the Contact tab at the top of this page, emailing me direct on or calling me on 01772 471481 or 07789 077008.

  • Absolutely. If you want to take control and resolve your pain then Spinal Physiotherapy is definitely for you.

    Please remember though that we do not do “quick fixes”, as these only result in repeat appointments over many months and even years. Once your pain has resolved that should be it if the true cause of the problem has been addressed.

    Back pain, for example, on its own is in epidemic proportions throughout not only the UK, but also the world. Approximately 1 in 3 adults will suffer with back pain in any one year, and 80% will suffer at some stage during their life. If it was that easy to just ‘have your back fixed’ then I would not be able to rattle off figures such as these because they would not exist.

    If you want to resolve your pain as quickly as possible, and then aim to eliminate the chances of it recurring at a later date, you need to take some responsibility yourself. I will do my utmost to ensure this happens and am confident it will be achieved, but it has to be a team effort between the two of us if we want to optimise this success and the speed at which it happens.
  • There most certainly is, the whole ethos behind Spinal Physiotherapy is for the person suffering to take control and play an important role in curing the pain they are suffering.

    Therefore, just to get us started, you can ask yourself a few simple questions like the ones below:

    i) How long have you had the pain?

    ii) Was there anything specific which may have caused it or did the pain just begin gradually?

    iii) Where exactly do you feel the pain?

    iv) Is the pain constant or does it come and go depending upon what you are doing?

    v) What typical activities or postures make your pain worse?

    vi) What typical activities or postures make your pain better?

    vii) Is there a typical daily pattern e.g. always worse in the morning but then gets better as the day goes on?

    viii) Are you taking any medication (either for your pain, but also generally)?

    Questions like these, and others, will help me build up a picture of how and why you have developed your current episode pain and just as importantly, what is going to be the best approach to resolve it ASAP.
  • Please wear suitable clothing for your physiotherapy appointment.

    Male patients:
    Please arrive for your appointment with a pair of shorts, or at least loose fitting tracksuit bottoms. You should also be prepared to roll / fold up or remove your top.

    Female patients:
    Please arrive for your appointment with a pair of shorts or at least loose fitting tracksuit bottoms. It would also help if you could wear a loose fitting t-shirt or crop top.

    Wearing suitable clothing will enable me to carry out an appropriate assessment and also allow you to move freely during the assessment and while practising any exercises which may be indicated.
  • Your first appointment will last approximately 1 hour. This will provide us with enough time to perform a thorough assessment and full treatment as well as establish an appropriate personalised exercise programme.

    Any follow up appointments that are needed will last approximately 45 minutes.
  • Absolutely, Spinal Physiotherapy will accept all major Credit and Debit Cards, such as:

  • Spinal Physiotherapy is approved by nearly all major UK health insurance companies for the assessment and treatment of your pain. These include the likes of BUPA, AVIVA, AXA and WPA amongst others. Please contact us for a HCPC and Provider Number or just to check if we are covered by your insurance eprovider.
  • I wholeheartedly believe that far too many people suffer unnecessarily with back and spinal pain (including sciatica) and that nearly all of those who do suffer can really take control of the situation themselves and resolve their pain. Unfortunately, there is a current climate where people just look for a quick fix for everything, and this also includes their own health!

    You can be free of the pain you are suffering with and I can help you achieve that. However, it has to be a joint effort rather than you just being a passive recipient of treatment. This will be a 100% team effort and we will work together in achieving this goal. I want you to be discharged from Spinal Physiotherapy 100% pain free, with a complete knowledge of why you were suffering with pain and what you needed to do to cure yourself of that pain. If we can achieve this, you will be able to look after your back for the rest of your life, and in the unlikely event that any pain did return, you can just fall back on the knowledge you now have and nip the problem in the bud to resolve the pain straight away.

    I would much rather this than you thinking you need to visit me again to ‘cure your pain for you’ (although you know I am always just a phone call away should you feel the need to ask me any questions or book another appointment).

    Many thanks as always for visiting my website, and remember...

    "Never stop believing you can cure yourself of the pain you are currently suffering with, you can and I am here to help you achieve that."

    Take Care & Good Luck,